After years of offering one-day basic digital photography group workshops I have come to realize that a more effective approach is one to one teaching. Tailoring my teaching to the specific needs of the student, I am able to teach the student how to use his/her specific camera most effectively.

Individuals can accomplish more in 2 one-hour sessions than in an all day workshop,

which addresses a larger audience with highly variable skill levels.

I offer personal instruction at $30.00/hr.  Contact Sandy @ 608-577-5046


This 6-week workshop is designed for adolescent girls in middle school. The project aims at strengthening self-esteem at a crucial time in adolescent development by giving young girls tools for visual and artistic expression. The project teaches girls basic photographic and compositional skills to use in exploring their changing view of themselves and their world. 

" In whatever one does, there must be a relationship between the eye and the heart. With the one eye that is closed, one looks within. With the eye that is open, one looks without."  - Henri Cartier Bresson



CIRCLING -A creative consciousness group experience.

The girls journal about the process and exhibit their work at the end of the program.

This workshop is based on a group program, "Circling," by educator and lecturer, Jan Phillips. It is designed for people who wish to explore the next level in their creativity and consciousness. The workshop utilizes music, poetry, mystical writings, images and storytelling.

Contact Sandy @ 608-577-5046

learning how to pay attention to our lives in this moment. In this course, photography is the tool to waking up to what is around us. Through exercises participants discover that moments of perception can lead to powerful images. Any type of digital camera is appropriate for this class.

We spend much of our time walking around lost in our thinking minds, missing the experience of the beauty of the world around us - the wind softly swaying the willow tree branches, the shadows on our living room walls, the reflections on wet  pavement.

This five-week course offered through the UW Health Mindfulness Program has one goal - 


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